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Honeycomb necklace, earrings and ring - sterling silver / 18k gold

925 Sterling silver (finished with rhodium plating for added shine) or 18k gold plated for increased longevity.

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Symbolic of wealth and family, this geometric honeycomb necklace makes a great gift. Like bees in their community this piece also reminds us of the power of teamwork, balance and communication. The classic geometric nature of this stunning piece adds to its charm in adapting to the wearers sense of style.

  • Chain length: 14" - 18" (2" adjustable length)
  • Approx: 35.5 cm - 46 cm (5cm adjustable length)
  • Pendant: 1 cm H x 1.8 cm W
  • Spring ring clasp

Like bees in their hive, this gorgeous piece reminds us of the power of teamwork, balance and communication. Elegant and quirky in design these geometric honeycomb stud earrings are perfect for those seeking to add interest in their jewellery collection.


  • 1.2 cm H x 0.8 cm W

Geometric and minimalist in design, express your edgy side with this quirky yet elegant honeycomb ring. This geometric ring reminds us that like bees in their hive there is great power in teamwork, balance and communication.


  • 6.75 (N) approx Medium
1495 SEK